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 The Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE) 

The development of PACE was overwhelmingly approved by NFPA delegates at the mid-year meeting in 1994. The delegates envisioned that such an exam could become a standard to guage the competency of experienced paralegals. The PACE program launched in 1996. 

The PACE was developed by the NFPA in conjunction with a professional test development firm and is administered by an independent test administration company. The exam tests concepts across a variety of practice areas at a national level rather than state specific concepts. It is offered at multiple locations on numerous dates and at various times. The PACE offers the profession a national standard of evaluation. 

As an experienced paralegal the PACE is a means to:

    • validate your experience and job skills;
    • establish professional credentials; and
    • increase your value to. your organization and clients. 
The PACE Study Guide 6th Edition can be ordered online directly from NFPA.

Eligibility requirements and the Application Handbook are available here on the NFPA website.

The current exam fee is $225 for NFPA members and $250 for non-members. Additionally there is a non-refundable application fee of $25 . Candidates have 90 days from the date their application is accepted to take the exam. 

 PACE Review Courses

The Advanced Paralegal Institute (API) and the Paralegal Education Group (PEG) each have an NFPA-sponsored online PACE Review Course., For more information, and/or to register, click here for details of API's course or here for details of PEG's course. 

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