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The Northern Virginia Connection for Professional Paralegals

PANV is . . .

  • a member of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) which provides PANV members automatic membership in NFPA.
  • PANV is also a member of the Virginia Alliance of Paralegal Associations (VAPA) and all PANV members are automatically members of VAPA.

PANV's Board of Directors: 

President: Kathi P. Ingram, RP

Vice President: Pamela Bass, AACP, VARP

Treasurer: Karen Axell, RP, VARP

Secretary:  Christina Pasquarelli, VARP

NFPA Primary Delegate/Director: Kathi P. Ingram, RP

VAPA Primary Delegate/Director:  Karen Axell, RP, VARP

Director: Joanne B. Randa, VARP 

Director: Amy B. Thompson, VARP

Director: Cindy Adams, VARP

Director: Amy J. Stidham, RP, VARP

Director:  Cindy Zema, VARP

Pro Bono Committee: Joanne B. Randa, VARP 

Paralegal Certification Ambassador: Karen Axell RP, VARP 

Membership Chair: Karen Axell RP, VARP

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PANV held its Annual Meeting (virtually) on October 17 and is excited to announce the election of the following new officers and Board of Directors: Vice President: Pamela Bass, AACP, VARP; Secretary: Christina Pasquarelli, VARP; and Director: Cindy Zema, VARP. PANV will continue to be the Northern Virginia Connection for the paralegal profession and the addition of Pamela, Christina, and Cindy to the board is proof that PANV is moving in the right direction. Congratulations, Pamela, Christina, and Cindy!

PANV President Receives NFPA Recognition

Congratulations to Kathi P. Ingram, RP, for being recognized for her pro bono efforts throughout the year!  Kathi received her Certificate of Recognition from the National Federation of Paralegal Assocations at the 2019 Convention in New York.  Way to go Kathi!

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