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  The Paralegal CORE Competency Exam™ (PCCE™) was developed to asess the knowledge, skills and abilities of early-career and entry-level paralegals. It became available in November 2011. The handbook which explains the eligibility requirements, application process, etc. is available as a PDF download. The exam is administered by computer at Prometric Test Centers throughout the United Stated and Canada. 

The PCCE Study Guide 1st Edition can be ordered online directly from NFPA. 

Eligible candidates may apply online at NFPA to take the PCCE. 

Detailed information about the PCCE is available on the NFPA website.  

The current exam fee for the PCCE is $215 for NFPA members and $250 for non-members. Additionally, all candidates must pay a $25 application processing fee. Candidates have 90 days from the date their application is accepted to take the exam. 

On June 11, 2011, 188 paralegals took the PCCE pilot test at 12 test sites across the country. Of the paralegals who completed the test, 146 achieved a passing score of 550 or better. Those paralegals were the very first CORE Registered Paralegals™ and earned the right to use the CRP™ credential. Since that time, many more paralegals have joined their ranks.  

PCCE Review Courses

The Advanced Paralegal Institute (API) and the Paralegal Education Group (PEG) each have an NFPA-sponsored online PCCE Review Course. For more information, and/or to register, click here for details of API's course or click here for details of PEG's course.

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